In this article of Money Stress To Money Success, ZOE SLATER, Mental & Emotional Mindset Coach and Counsellor, and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy reminds us that when it comes to eliminating Money Stress from our lives, earning more is not always the answer. Sometimes making simple changes to lifelong habits can have a profound effect on our money worries.

Each week I clean out my kitchen, I see my families eating habits, what they eat and what they do not eat. I see what has been pushed to the back of the fridge, not utilised and now spoiling as it heads towards the bin.

When talking to my clients I discovered they do the same thing, meaning there is weekly food wastage within their household too.

The point is, it’s frustrating, costly and adds to both their Money Stress and their Mental Health.

So, how much do we spend weekly on food that ultimately ends up in the bin?

The Australia food wastage average is $20 a week or around $1,000.00 a year.

When I looked closer, Victorians win the trophy for the highest average food wastage, $42.00 a week – that’s $2,184.00 a year.

Imagine walking up to your bin and throwing a $20 or $40 straight into the bin….OMG! Crazy right.

Do it in front of your family or friends and see what kind of response you get.

It’s absurd to even think about… but that’s what households are doing every week.

Money Success is recognising that although every household is different are YOU committed to minimising your food wastage and saving money!

My questions to you are…

  • What is your kitchen wastage, from the fridge to the pantry?
  • What’s spoiling or out of date?
  • How much is wastage really costing you?
  • What can you use before it spoils? Turn it into a game or ask google.

You might be brave to take this conversation further.

  • What’s spoiling in your bathroom? Cosmetics you’ve not used, soaps slowly melting, stuff thrown to the back of a cupboard or draw that are out of date or even worse duplications, which means you are overspending.
  • Is the garden shed is another culprit? Is there lots of stuff like expensive fertilises purchased but not used, the jerry can for your lawn mower slowly leaking and stinking out your shed, paints spoiling when it could be used on a wall that needs a fresh coat of paint?

We underestimate the impact of one good choice followed by the right action! 

By now I hope your pumped and ready to take action because I am.

Today, I have decided to save my cauliflower, save money, and turn it into a yummy creamy soup. I feel like a better person, mother, partner already, and I’m part of the landfill and pollution solution – a positive contributor to the community whilst turning my money stress into money success.

Personally, I feel proud of myself that I am resourceful and re-purposed my cauliflower into healthy food.

Elated and satisfied with the outcome I got a natural high which is a good ‘Mental Health’ outcome! And my family are always grateful to eat a meal cooked with love.

The additional bonus is that upon researching the benefits of cauliflower I discovered that cauliflowers are great for pregnant women, builds your immune system, is filled and with antioxidants with surprising vitamins like, C, K and Manganese. It’s worth checking out the benefits of cauliflower.

I also saved precious time not having to drive to the shops, which costs me at least an hour or more of my time, car fuel, oil, tyre ware and tare, plus saved the planet from more fuel emissions.

A PACT TO ACT!  – practice the art of having money success by taking the right action and I assure you; your life will start heading in the right direction.

Keep those questions coming.

Until next month – Turn Your Money Stress into Money Success.

For help send me an email, call me on M: 0414 778 476 or visit me on Facebook @freedomchoiceacademy.


Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe is an Associate Member with the QCA Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Is Food Waste Causing You Money Stress ?