Are Freebies really worth it? Just because something is offered to you free of charge, it doesn’t always make it right for you. In this article of Money Stress To Money Success, ZOE SLATER, Mental & Emotional Mindset Coach and Counsellor, and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy reminds us that even if we are getting something for FREE there’s always a cost.

Too many times clients say, “well it was for free it didn’t cost me anything”. But in the next breath they are complaining about being stuck with it.

Basically, whatever they received for free is now taking up space and causing arguments because it’s yet another piece of clutter.

Yes, the hidden cost of freebies and how long you have to keep paying for them.

A free item or experience can cost you time and money, especially when you have to stop it, store it or get rid of it.

There are all sorts of freebies on offer these days. They can range from online purchases, memberships, holidays packages etc. the list is endless.

Sure it might be FREE, but rest assured there is always a cost!

Think about these statements and if you can relate to them?

  • Just because it’s FREE doesn’t make it right for you!
  • Just because something is free doesn’t make it valuable!
  • Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s going to enhance your life!
  • Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s a good use of your time!
  • Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s going to make you feel any happier!

If you’re not clear on who you are or what you want Free – things can be a distractor from your purpose and your authenticity.

Free things can fill your space with a lot of gadgets or widgets or even worse steal your time that you will never get back.

Like while I’m writing, free things are popping in through my email.

I can choose to be distracted or stay focused on you. Helping you in this moment is my most important focus, that’s what I choose and finishing this article will later create guilt free space for some valuable down time and free time for me.

So, let’s get back to you.

Ask yourself quality questions like;

  • Because this is free does it make this right for me?
  • Have I been looking for something like this?
  • Will this make my life easier?
  • How soon will I use it?
  • Is this a good use of my time?
  • Do I have the time for this?
  • Will this add clutter to my life or home?
  • Will this make my body feel more energised?
  • Is this free thing in opposition to my desired goals and dreams?
  • Is this distracting me from my original focus and goal?
  • Are there hidden cost’s that I have to remember to get out of it?

We underestimate the impact of one good choice followed by the right action!

Life Lessons and Money Lessons are ageless!

A PACT TO ACT!  – practice the art of having money success by taking the right action and I assure you; your life will start heading in the right direction.

Keep those questions coming.

Until next month – Turn Your Money Stress into Money Success.

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Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe is an Associate Member with the QCA Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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Financial Counselling Something Might Be FREE – But What’s The Real Cost?