In this article of Money Stress To Money Success, ZOE SLATER, Mental & Emotional Mindset Coach and Counsellor, and CEO of Freedom Choice Academy reminds us that she is human too.

When I let the busyness of life take me away from the rituals that keep me achieving, feeling energised, happy and creating conscious success I become stressed, anxious, inefficient, tied and no fun.

Last night I was so tied I fell asleep with my fingers still on the keyboard, whilst working into the night.

Then I woke annoyed at myself that I fell asleep and could not keep my eyes open to finish the project. I packed up my laptop and fell into bed cranky at myself with a thousand things running through my mind.

Even though tired and desperate to sleep, those thousand things kept looping in my mind, remember to do this, do not forget to do that, these ones are important too, but this one is the priority!

So here’s what I did last night.

So, frustrated with myself I knew the right thing to do was to get out of bed and make my list. I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to for two reasons.

One, so I could sleep, and the other is to be conscious about the success I create. To be in control and proud of my life – not whinge and complain about my life.

When you know what the solution is to your problem, it’s harder to ignore it.  Zoe Slater 

My ritual each day

One of the several rituals I do to prepare for my next day, is to each night journal Wins for the day in my Success Diary.

Each evening I write about the Wins I’m grateful for. I find journaling humbles and invokes excitement in me. It provides a sense of satisfaction and meaning to my achievements and eloquently closes the chapter of my day.

This practice allows my mind to be at peace, enhancing my sleep and I wake up energised and enthusiastic about my next days plan and life goals.

Knowing the wisdom of what I teach others helped me to reluctantly get out of bed last night and empty my mind onto a to-do-list. Writing them down lifted my mood allowing me to fall asleep pretty quickly. The thousand things on my mind were now listed, ready for the morning.

I could now sleep and rest because I took control of my stressors, knowing that I will wake with a plan.

I didn’t expect what happened next!

I do dream a lot, and last night my dreams became so active I felt myself talking and sometimes arguing with the people in the dreams, swapping from one dream to another. I woke annoyed and not my usual grateful energised self.

I questioned why those dreams, what do the dreams mean, what is the message?

I woke with more things on my mind, things I had not reconciled but need to.

  1. I do dream interpretations with my client’s dreams, so I was able to interpret the gift of my dream to help me move forward and be at peace with the dream.
  2. I also worked through the thousand things on my mind, regaining mindfulness and presence to the codes I live by.
  3. I re-ordered my day in my Success Diary for each goal to flow into the next. The Success Diaries are designed to specifically train your brain and rewire it neurologically for more success.

Where I’m at today…

I already feel back in the flow zone of success and conscious about the success I will have today.

The thousand things on my mind were sorting out even deeper and quicker. I am feeling even more peaceful, centred and laser focused again.

The stress of a thousand things on my mind turned into success in less than 12 hours, including a good night’s sleep.

I had a thousand things on my mind, making me feel tied, overwhelmed, inefficient and not coping with my life. This is not how I choose to live my life, but it happens to all of us occasionally.

We can all turn our life around quickly if we choose to.  I hope you prefer to take control back too, have Freedom and Choice over your life.  The power is getting the right information consistently to really transform your life.

The more Conscious Success you desire the higher you fly.

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Until next month – Turn Your Money Stress into Money Success.

Keep those questions coming.

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Zoe Slater Counselling and CEO Freedom Choice Academy. Zoe is an Associate Member with the QCA Inc and a member with Australian Counsellors Association.

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