Refinancing Your Home Loan

Refinancing is a powerful option for home owners to use the value of their property to assist with renovations, to gain a better interest rate or to lighten other debts such as credit cards that may be subject to a higher rate.

With thousands of refinancing options available, it pays to have an expert find the right loan to suit you and your needs.

Refinancing your home loan?



Why Refinance Your Loan?

Refinancing can be a smart way to manage your money. Here are a few reasons why you may want to refinance:

  • To get a peace of mind and certainty of payments with a fixed rate.
  • To obtain a lower interest rate so as to reduce your monthly payments.
  • To gain the flexibility to pay off your loan faster.
  • To consolidate credit cards, personal loans or other debts to reduce your interest rate and monthly repayments.
  • To unlock the equity in your current property to finance a renovation, purchase an investment property or free up some extra cash.


Why should I refinance with a Mortgage Advice Bureau broker and not my bank?

When done properly, loan refinancing can save money and work very well. The reasons for refinancing should be legitimate and the long-term benefits should outweigh the short-term costs. At Mortgage Advice Bureau we will provide you with a number of options to suit your needs – not the needs of a lender.

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