Home Loans for Self-Employed

Don’t have all your financials or have you legally minimised profit for your business? We can help find the right loan for you!

Let us find you Low Doc or No Doc Loans designed especially for business owners and company directors.

Even if you have prior credit issues or bankruptcies, we may be able to help.

Looking for a Lo-Doc or No-Doc Home Loan?

Home Loans for Self-Employed

Are you a business owner, self-employed operator, subcontractor or company director who have either not prepared your financials or lodged your financials but have minimised your profit through their legally entitled cash and non-cash deductions (expenses)?

Traditional lenders struggle with self-employed people.  Don’t get tied up by the impractical red tape involved with attempting to secure a loan from them. We help you achieve your financial goals by sourcing and negotiating good value Low Doc or No Doc loans from reputable lenders.

How Do No Doc or Lo Doc Loans Work?

Generally, to access the loan you will be required to sign a statement confirming the loan repayments can be met from your business’s cash flow. Lenders with this style of facility usually charge a higher interest rate.

We provide Low and No Doc loans for almost any purpose, including:

  • Upgrading/renovating/extending
  • Buying a new home
  • Investment purchases
  • Refinancing and consolidating debts
  • Line of credit and credit cards

Our extensive experience in Low Doc lending is critical when it comes to finding the right deal for you and your needs.

Even if you have had prior credit issues, including bankruptcies, we may still be able to assist. Call us today to discuss a Low or No Doc loan that is suitable for you.

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