About Daniel P. Follent

Daniel is an enthusiastic and driven individual, brought up in a family of 8 on the Gold Coast. He engages deeply in music, sports, reading and has 4 years’ experience as a Chess Coach for many prominent Secondary Schools in Queensland.

Highly experienced within the Finance industry, Daniel has experience in various relevant positions over his 10-year career. Determined to create his own destiny, he has now joined the Mortgage Advice Bureau – Brisbane Team, following a 3-year stint at Suncorp Bank where he, most notably, maintained the position as a lending specialist.

This rare experience has given Daniel an insight that is incredibly valuable in the home and commercial lending space as he is able to understand what is needed to be presented to the banks to ensure policies and procedures are adhered to.

It is not easy for working professionals and business owners to achieve the best possible result for their next lending venture, when they have their families and other important commitments to maintain. Daniel, with this in mind and extensive knowledge in negotiation, lending policy and customer service, is passionately intent on alleviating this burden for each person that reaches out for guidance.

Daniel is more than just a Mortgage & Finance Broker, he has also completed;

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) (GUGC)
  • Bachelor of Science (Bond University)
  • Cert IV Finance & Mortgage Broking

Call 0432 788 656 to speak with Daniel before making any of your major investment decisions, and he will be happy to assist.

Daniel P. Follent