Everyone knows that a fabulous kitchen and stunning bathrooms throughout go a long way to help when selling a home. In this article we asked BERNADETTE JANSON, Director of The School of Renovating to share her top tips to creating the WOW when renovating a kitchen. 

A kitchen renovation done right adds significant value to a home. The average cost of a new kitchen in Australia is $19,300*  it is important that you spend wisely to achieve extraordinary value.

I want to share with you some features to consider to achieve a truly wow-worthy kitchen.

Let’s Talk Layout

Given we are a nation of master-chefs, the layout needs to work for the cook as well as the family. Bid goodbye to the old eat-in model. Instead create a more open plan design by opening up to the adjacent living room. This  not only adds a feeling of space to the home, it enables the cook to be involved in the family activities while preparing meals.

It also  enhances the kitchen’s status as the heart of the home.

You’ll get extra points if you manage to also bring the outdoors in at the same time via multifold doors or windows.

Island Bench

This is a very desirable feature, not only because it further enhances the hangout value, but it provides a focal point and an opportunity for visual impact when paired with pendant lights.

It also facilitates the golden triangle making the workflow easier. The fridge, oven and sink are positioned in a triangular formation, which means that there are only a few steps between each of the cook’s primary functions.

The biggest expense when installing an island bench has been the benchtop as the tendency has been to go for waterfall ends. Thankfully the trend is now heading towards much thinner benchtops without waterfall which is much kinder on the budget.

User Friendly Storage

Lets face it, you can never have too much storage. Installing lovely wide drawers in the kitchen will optimise the space available making it easier to view and access crockery, cookware and utensils.

Make use of dead space with kicker drawers for large platters and rarely used items.

If you have the space, a butler’s pantry is an addition that most cooks would drool over. 

Creative Lighting

Lighting is the renovators best friend. It’s like putting jewellery on and certainly adds the Wow!  I have already mentioned pendant lights over the island bench. Make sure they are hung low for maximum impact. This sometimes involves a bit of a tussle with the electrician but stand your ground, it will make the world of difference.

LED strip lighting is another effective product to be installed to the underside of overhead cabinets and or the kickers.

Make sure you provide adequate task lighting with LED downlights  to the work areas such as over the sink and cooktop.

Make sure you choose the correct light globes, as a rule we use warm throughout the house, but in the kitchen go for cool to ensure it looks sparkling clean.

Bells and whistles

Who doesn’t love a few toys with their new kitchen. Some of my personal favourites are:

  • Power points with usb charging ports;
  • An ipad mount to access recipes and stream the news while cooking; and
  • A wine fridge to keep the cook happy!

Wrapping up

When planning your kitchen renovation it is equally as important to modernise the livability of the kitchen as it is to improve the look.

I hope you found these tips on how to get the WOW happening in your kitchen reno helpful.

For more reno tips you can download our popular style guide and tips on producing a quality reno without the price tag.

Bernadette Janson is the director of The School of Renovating and host of She Renovates Podcast. A serial renovator, (retired nurse), educator, podcaster, (bit of a workaholic), mother, daughter and grandmother – Bernadette helps women to fulfil their true potential by using their flair and passion to create a dream life funded by renovating homes.

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Home Renovation Top Tips For A Wow-Worthy Kitchen Reno